Six (6) Surprising Foods to Help You Lose Weight

The Dr. Oz Show + Sharecare
What to Eat to Slim Down
Surprising Foods That Help You Drop Weight
You don’t have to swear off your favorite indulgences if you’re watching your waistline. Find out which unexpected foods, from bread to avocados, can help you shed pounds.

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Slim Your Middle
Best Belly-Busting Grain
Ditching belly fat may be a simple matter of choosing the right rice or bread. In one study, people who ate this type of grain had smaller waists. Find out which one, plus how much of it you should eat.
Warm Up With Breakfast
A Delicious Vegan Lunch
The Perfect Pasta Alternative
Watch The Dr. Oz Show!
Watch The Dr. Oz Show!
Tune in for all-new episodes of The Dr. Oz Show for the best diet plans, recipes, and health advice to help you feel better every day.
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