eBook: A Practical Guide to Microservices and Containers by James A. Scott


Table of Contents

  1. What is Digital Transformation and Why the Urgency Today?
    1. Power of digital transformation
  2. Typical Problems Facing Enterprise IT on the Road to Digital Transformation
    1. Cloudy cloud
    2. Big Data and Big Data Analytics
    3. Containers
  3. In Search of Agility
    1. Data agility
    2. Application agility
    3. Infrastructure agility
  4. Application Agility
    1. Microservices
    2. Containers
    3. Application Agility
    4. Machine Learning
    5. Application Performance Management
  5. Infrastructure Agility
    1. Deployment Options
    2. Containers and Clouds
    3. Orchestration
    4. Edge Computing
    5. Serverless Computing
    6. Security
  6. Buyer’s Guide to a Modern Data Architecture
    1. Walking the Walk: Quantium’s Journey to Developer Agility
    2. Developing the Business Case for a Modern Data Architecture
    3. Final Thoughts

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